Enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook Page at Scale

Automatic Boost Posts by Pitchtarget is the ultimate automation for your Facebook's Boost Post! It automates the tedious and repetitive tasks involved in using the native Facebook Boost Post feature on a large scale

Boost Posts at Scale

Automatic Boost Posts automates the repetitive and time-consuming tasks for the creation and management of boosted posts. The automation will periodically check your Facebook Page to discover and import the latest posts.

Monitor and Filter Posts

Define the criteria on which you decide to boost each single Page post: these can be pure content conditions, rules on the organic performance of a post or a mix of them. Automatic Boost Posts will boost only the posts that satisfy such criteria.

Reach the Right Audiences

Define the structure of the campaign that will be used to boost each single post that meets your boost criteria. Use as many audiences as you need, each with specific budget and bid options: you will target the audiences that matter the most to your Page. Done once and run forever!

Boost your Facebook Page

Facebook Boost Post is a key to enhance the effectiveness of your Page. Scale it and don't waste time in tasks that Automatic Boost Posts can automate for you!

    Pitchtarget is Open to everyone
    Dec 16 2015

Pitchtarget is no longer in Beta!

We are happy to announce that starting from today Pitchtarget is available to everyone.