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Pitchtarget is Open to everyone Pitchtarget - Dec 16 2015

Pitchtarget is no longer in Beta!

We are happy to announce that starting from today Pitchtarget is available to everyone.

2 Major changes in the new Facebook Adverts: How to deal with them Pitchtarget - Sep 29 2015

The arrival of Facebook’s new v2.4 Marketing API brought with it big changes in the billing and bidding methods of our well-beloved Facebook Adverts. In this post we quickly illustrate to you what these changes consist of, what they imply and how you can benefit from them.

Automatic Boost Posts: Set, Save Time, Increase Gains Pitchtarget - Sep 4 2015

In this article we introduce Pitchtarget’s innovative Automatic Boost Posts feature, that allows to efficiently take advantage of Facebook’s Boost Post. Automatic Boost Posts automates the tedious and repetitive tasks involved in using on large scale the native Boost Post feature. In this way, our users can save a lot of precious time that can be spent in other value creating activities, while increasing the return on their advertising investments.

Boost Post: Pro and Con Pitchtarget - Sep 2 2015

Facebook gives its users the possibility to promote their posts through the Boost Post feature. Being a kind of ads, boosted posts have more visibility than normal posts. We find this feature to be very useful to improve the performance of businesses on Facebook, because it allows to enhance the effectiveness of the best posts, highlighting the most attractive contents of a Page. While being definitely valuable, Boost Post has some limitations. In this article we review them together with its strengths, while we explain how it works.