Plan, monitor and automate Facebook Ads

Quickly set and launch your campaigns

Intuitively organized in Strategies

Many campaigns have different specific objectives, even though they may be created to reach a common broader goal. When we talk about advertising, we often have in mind a strategy crafted to achieve such a goal. That is why we provide you with the possibility to group your campaigns under an higher hierarchical level, which we called “Strategies” in order to organize even more clearly your advertising efforts.

Fluent and understandable workflow

The strategies’ creation process is organized to provide you with an unprecedented user experience. Our intuitive interface combined with a hierarchical top-to-bottom approach allows us to help you finely define your advertising strategy step by step. In this way you can quickly structure your campaigns while always keeping in mind the objectives of your advertising strategy.

Bulk actions

To give you even more chances to increase the speed of your workflow, we allow you to perform bulk actions on Ads and Ad Sets. In this way if you want to modify certain parameters for several of your Ads or Ad Sets simultaneously, you can do it without incurring in tedious wastes of time!

Precise target definition and storage

Defining a Target Audience is an accurate process that requires a certain effort. Pitchtarget guides you step-by-step in this procedure and allows to store your scrupulously created audiences in a Target Library. In this way you can reuse them whenever you like, without having to go again through the whole process each time.

Effortlessly manage your strategies

Automatic Boost Posts automates useful but repetitive tasks

We are happy to offer you our most innovative feature, Automatic Boosts Posts. Enjoy all the advantages of Facebook’s Boost Post feature without having to manually set and manage each single post. Don’t waste anymore time in repetitive tasks that can be easily performed by Pitchtarget!

Turn the autopilot on with Performance Rules

When Performance Rules are applied, Pitchtarget will monitor the performance of your Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads and adjust them accordingly, following your instructions. In this way you can save a lot of time that would have been otherwise spent manually checking your Campaigns,simultaneously saving money thanks to the adjustments automatically made by the Performance Rules.

Monitor the results and fine-tune your tactics

Exhaustive and clear Dashboard

Pitchtarget’s Dashboard allows you to quickly compare several metrics simultaneously through intuitive line charts and donut charts. Moreover, you can customize your Dashboard so that it shows the metrics that in your opinion matter the most.

Unmatched dynamic revision possibilities

With Pitchtarget it is possible to edit, deactivate and activate instantaneously your Strategies at every level and at any time. You can choose to modify the options of your Strategies, Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads whenever and wherever you want during the navigation, even while monitoring the Dashboard! Thanks to Pitchtarget editing and monitoring Facebook Ads has never been so fast and easy!