Fully-managed Facebook Ads and Custom Facebook Integrations

Need a 360° approach?

Pitchtarget helps you set out your digital marketing strategy on Facebook!

Facebook offers a complete set of tools to implement your digital marketing strategy. A deep understanding of the Facebook Ads ecosystem is a necessary condition to make your investment profitable and get the best performance out of it. Pitchtarget can help you with a fully-managed service: we review the strategy, plan the campaigns according to the budgets, launch them and constantly monitor their performance.

Pitchtarget reviews your strategy and helps you with hints and tips to make it effective on Facebook. We identify the most appropriate audiences for you and plan how to reach them.
Pitchtarget sets up your Facebook campaigns and puts them on-line. We will review each step together with you, because we have no secrets with our clients.
Pitchtarget reviews the results of your Ads and plans the necessary steps to achieve your business goals. We schedule pre-defined meetings where results will be analysed and discussed with you to always keep you updated on the status of your marketing activity on Facebook.
Pitchtarget audits your Ads and finds out which ones are working and which are not. The under performing Ads will be stopped and new ones will be planned together with you. We continuously work to make your campaigns effective.
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Custom integrations make the difference

Pitchtarget builds custom solutions to improve the implementation of your digital marketing strategy on Facebook

Have you ever felt the need to develop a specific solution to perfectly integrate with Facebook tools and services? Pitchtarget can help you build it!

Facebook Marketing API integration
Pitchtarget can help your business to connect with the Facebook Marketing API developing custom features or dedicated products.
Facebook Pixel Integration
Tracking is a fundamental step to measure your Ads performance and to implement a data driven optimization of your marketing efforts. Pitchtarget can help you checking that all the relevant information are tracked correctly.
Product Feed Integration
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads use data from your Product Feed to show your products to the right people. Pitchtarget can help you configure and tune this awesome feature and build custom tools to serve your business particular needs for a perfect integration.
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