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Getting the best results from boosting your Page posts is hard to achieve manually.
Taking advantage of the organic reach of your posts is the best way to maximize your exposure. This strategy, however, requires a constant attention, and thus it is not always possible (think of weekends, for example). Optimizing your campaign performance is a great way to prevent budget waste, but it is not as easy as it seems, especially using Facebook Ads manager.
With Pitchtarget, you can automate all these actions, improving your campaign performance up to 40%.

How to take advantage of the organic reach and increase the traffic on your website.


Basic Info

Name your automation and select the Facebook page that you are going to use for the promotion. Click on the "boost one post at time" button to avoid overlapping, and click "continue".

Trigger rules

Select "link" on the list of the conditions and select "contains" on the operator’s drop-down menu. Insert as a value your website URL without a specific page, for example "" (this is to avoid the promotion of a single page of your website). Click on the "+" button to add another condition.
In this new condition, select the variable "post impression unique" and "greater or equal" as operator. Insert the average organic reach of your posts in the value field and click "continue".

Campaign and action

At this point, select "create a new campaign for every boosted post". Use "traffic generation" as the campaign objectives to optimize for the traffic on your website.
Now, name your campaign so you can recognize it inside the Facebook Ads Manager and click "continue".

Target and Budget

In the Targets and Budgets section you can create a new audience by clicking on the "+" button, name your audience and set the target for your promotion.
In this tutorial we set up a custom audience "look alike" and set the location. Now you can move to the next step by clicking "done" at the bottom of the page.
Set your budget and specify 48 hours as a duration, so that your post will be promoted for two days. Click on the "save" button to add the ad set, then click "continue" to move to the next step.

Performance rules

We will now add a new performance rule to pause each campaign that reach a given threshold for the "cost per inline link clicks" metric.
Click on the "+" button and input a name for the new rule.
Set the time period to "today" to make Pitchtarget check for the campaign insights in that date range. Choose "cost per inline link clicks" as a metric and, then select the "greater or equal" operator and insert the average cost for inline click of your campaigns in the value field.
Now, click on "pause" from the drop-down menu in the "performance rule action" section and select "campaign" as the object of the action. Use a rule period of 12 hours to set the frequency at which Pitchtarget will check for the campaign metrics.
Press "done" and you are set.


All you need to do, is to switch the button on the right side of your promotion name and activate it.

Automate your pages with no limits!

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