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Automatic Boost Posts: Set, Save Time, Increase Gains

Pitchtarget - Sep 4 2015

In this article we introduce Pitchtarget’s innovative Automatic Boost Posts feature, that allows to efficiently take advantage of Facebook’s Boost Post. Automatic Boost Posts automates the tedious and repetitive tasks involved in using on large scale the native Boost Post feature. In this way, our users can save a lot of precious time that can be spent in other value creating activities, while increasing the return on their advertising investments.

On Facebook, a regular Ad account can have up to 5,000 ads that aren't deleted (10,000 for large-enabled ad accounts). These are quite large numbers, especially if we think that useful functions such as the Boost Post need to be performed singularly on each Page post. After having identified the posts to be boosted, one would eventually have also to set the criteria of a Boost Post campaign for each single post, criteria which often might also be identical, ending up repeating the same tedious and time-consuming tasks again and again. In this way, the cost of performing Boost Post actions manually on even just a couple of hundreds of posts would significantly reduce the benefits of the feature!

The alternatives thus would become either to limit the number of boosted posts or to manually perform the boosts for the desired number of posts, bearing the costs due to the inefficient use of the most valuable of resources: time.

At Pitchtarget, being ourselves a young start-up operating in the field of Ad Technology, we are well aware that time efficiency can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business. Our mission is to find solutions that allow our users to optimize at best their performance on Facebook, fully exploiting the invested resources.

We identified inefficiencies in the large scale usage of the Boost Post function and so we crafted a solution that enables to take advantage of its benefits (described in our previous article) saving a significant amount of time that could be better employed for other value-creating activities!

Automatic Boost Posts does exactly what it is suggested by its name, automating the repetitive tasks of time-consuming manual creation and management of boosted posts. Thanks to the ability to operate on numerous elements simultaneously, each post can be boosted at the same time without having to click through each one of them. In this way, our users can activate and monitor Boost Post campaigns efficiently.

How does Automatic Boost Posts work exactly?

All users have to do is just set once the rules of an Automatic Boost Posts campaign and then it will automatically operate according to the specified criteria, activating the boosts only when appropriate.

To create the automation, as first step the user has to specify the name of the new Automatic Boost Posts rule, the post watching time (the number of hours for which the automation will check for each post metric performance), the age of the posts to be included in the campaign and whether to boost all of them simultaneously or only the latest that match the “Trigger”.

The next step would be to actually define the “Trigger”, which is the set containing the rules that determine whether a post is eligible to be boosted. Triggers are organized in rule blocks, which share the same operator (“and” or “or”) between the rules contained in them. Rules can be created according to a wide set of parameters (also including the actual text of the posts!) and operators. An example of rule might be: “If the metric 'likes' is greater than 100 then boost the post”.

Once the Trigger has been defined, the process becomes almost identical to creating a new campaign: the Target and the Budget have to be set up, and then the automation is ready to go! It is also possible to reuse previously created Targets to further speed up the work flow. Each brand new set of Automatic Boost Posts rules is created “in pause”, so that the user has the total control of this powerful feature and can decide to launch the automation whenever she likes. Each time a new post will be boosted actively, the user will be notified via e-mail.

Efficiency plays a key role in the process of obtaining high returns on investments, and we created this feature because it provides our users with another way of improving the allocation of their time!

Try out for free Automatic Boost Posts here

We are constantly working to improve our users experience, and we are very fascinated by the world of efficiency-enhancing automations, so be prepared for new exciting updates! Stay tuned!