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Your content to the most valuable audience

Defining your editorial line it’s definitely the best way to manage the communication between you and your customers. You can achieve a great level of communication by diversifying your posts, but you have to carefully select your targets.
With Pitchtarget you have the chance to diversify your audiences based on the content of your post. This feature let you show the right content to the right audience.

Create awareness for a topic of your editorial line.


Basic Info

Name your new automation, click on the facebook page that you are going to use and select the instagram account connected to the page: the post will be promoted both on Facebook and on Instagram.
Click "continue" and move to the next step.

Trigger rules

First of all, create a rule to select the type of posts to be promoted. Select "type" for variable and set the operator to "eq" (equal) and then choose the post type you want to promote (you can choose between link,status, photo, etc.).
Now, let's create a new block of conditions by clicking on "add new block".
Change the relationship between the conditions in this block from "all" to "any". Doing so, any of the condition that we are going to specify will trigger the boost post action.
Add the conditions that identify the editorial line that you want to promote. For example, use the "message" variable with the "contains" operator and create a condition for each keyword or hashtag that you'll use for posts belonging to the same content area of your communication.
Now you can move forward by clicking "continue".

Campaign and action

Now, select "create a new ad set for each boosted post". This feature allows you to have a campaign acting as a container for all the promotion activities triggered by the automation rule.
Set "reach" as the campaign objective to maximize the number of people that will see the post. You can also specify a spend cap for the campaign and so set an overall maximum budget cap for all the ad sets that the automation will create.

Target and Budget

Create a new target by clicking on the "+" button, then set the name and insert the specifications you desire. In this tutorial we set a target specifying an interest and the ad placement to include Instagram stream.
Click "done", set the budget to "lifetime", then select the duration of your promotion for this target. Click "save" and move forward.
You can duplicate an ad set starting from the one you have just set up. In this case we duplicated the ad set and changed the "country" and "budget" settings.
Click "Continue" and move to the next step.

Performance rules

Create a new performance rule by clicking on the "+" button and on the pop up window, specify the name of the rule.
Set "last 7 days" for the insight date range and "reach" as metric. Use the "greater or equal" operator and insert a suitable value.
Configure the performance rule’s action to "pause" any ad set created by a single run of the rule and let this action check for metrics every two hours.
With this setup, the boosting action for each post will be stopped as soon as the goal (on reach) has been achieved, so that you can save your budget.


Don't forget to activate your automation using the dedicated switch from the automations list.

Automate your pages with no limits!

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