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Trigger rules

Trigger rules define the criteria that determine whether a post is eligible to be boosted. Triggers are organized in rule blocks, which share the same logical operator, All (“and”) or Any (“or”), between the rules contained in them. Rules can be created according to a wide set of parameters and operators.

Campaign Objectives

Pitchtarget let you choose between different campaign objectives to better suite your needs: we support reach, engagement, website click and video view campaigns.

Performance Rules

Performance rules monitor the metrics for your Campaigns, Ad sets, or Ads and perform actions based on their value: for example, you can increase the budget of all the ad set by a given amount if the reach is above a threshold you configured.

Instagram Placement

Amplify the overall reach of your posts and enhance your branding with the new Instagram placement feature!

Multiple ad sets, specific settings

Pitchtarget helps you reach the right audiences diversifying your promotion to different targets, using a specific budget for each of them. Use your Facebook saved audiences or create your new set of targets stored in the Pitchtarget target library.

Unlimited Sub Users

Apply for the Agency plan to have an unlimited number of sub-users. This is the perfect setting to let you and your colleagues use Pitchtarget with no restriction.

Email notification

Pitchtarget will notify you of any activities triggered by your posts. You can also configure a list of email addresses to be notified for each single automation rule.