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Automates the dirty job

Manually boosting every single post it’s a repetitive and time consuming job, but it’s necessary if you want to achieve a good engagement and keep your communication alive with your customers.
For example, organize and schedule the promotion of dozens of posts per week and keep track of their performance are just a few of the activities that are part of the advertiser job.
These are pretty fast jobs if taken individually, but overall, if added together, they require load of attention and a lot of time. With Pitchtarget, once all these tasks are defined, they operate automatically, saving up to 80% of the user time.

How to promote all your relevant posts in 5 minutes


Basic Info

Name your new automation, select the Facebook page you are going to use (both as a source of posts to be promoted and as destination for your ad campaigns) and click "continue".

Trigger rules

We now need to specify the rules to identify the posts to be promoted.
Select "engagement rate" on the variable list and set, for example, the operator to "greater than or equal".
In the value field insert the average engagement rate of your previous posts, so that all the posts that are relevant for your fans will be promoted. Click "continue" to move on.

Campaign and action

At this point, select "create a new campaign for each promoted post". To achieve a greater interaction for your posts, use the "post engagement" objective. Now, name your campaign and click "continue".

Target and Budget

In the "target and budget" section, you will define the targets of your promotion. You can use your previous saved audiences or create a new one.
To create a new audience, click on the "+" button and name your new audience. Thereafter, select the location and switch directly to the section "connect with apps ages or events". At this point, select "friends of people that like your page" and on the right menu, select the page you want to promote.
Now, click on the button "done" and move to the budget section.
Set the budget type to "lifetime" and input your budget. In the section below select the duration (in hours) of the post poromtion.
Click "save" and add the ad set.


Close the window with "x" and at the top of the list you can see your new automation. To activate it, just click on the switch button on the right (below the three dots).

Automate your pages with no limits!

Don’t miss the 30 days free trial, to see how easy it is to promote with Pitchtarget!